• Garage Door Repair In Newnan, GA

    Garage Door Repair In Newnan, GA

    It is no secret that a broken or malfunctioning garage door can cause many issues. A malfunctioning garage door will prevent you from storing your car inside the garage and keeping your property secure. A damaged garage door also negatively impacts the aesthetic appeal and the energy efficiency of your property. Time to call the experts! Focus Garage Doors and Services can help you with all of your garage door repair needs in the Newnan Georgia and surrounding areas.

Top Rated Garage Door Repair Newnan, GA

If you have to park the car in the driveway because of a damaged garage door, you are subjecting your car to external elements. A garage door is one of the biggest mechanical moving parts in our house. Without professional intervention it is impossible to fix garage doors. We are one of the best garage door repair companies in Atlanta and surrounding areas. No matter what type of issue your garage door has, we will fix it for you!

At Focus Garage Door And Services, we specialize in garage door part installation, replacement and repair. You will have authentic products from us that have a warranty attached to it. We work towards satisfying our customers and helping them with all their garage door needs. Our technicians are trained and certified to handle garage door repair, they have repaired enough garage doors to know all the possible issues your garage door might have. Whether it’s the moving part such as opener, springs, tube shaft, drums, cable track, rollers, retainer, bottom seal, safety sensor, we can fix it! We will replace old and damaged garage doors.

Services We Offer in Newnan Georgia and surrounding areas:

Improper functioning garage doors are more common than you think. If your garage door openers are rusted and won’t let your garage door open smoothly, it needs servicing. If your wooden garage door shows signs of cracks or breakage at the seams or the surface, it is time to get it required. Other issues that your garage door might have when the sensors are broken. When your garage door sensors aren’t working, you might notice lag in opening of the door and closing of the door. When the door closes too quickly that can also cause issues. If the garage door seal is not right, you might notice high electricity bills. No matter the issue, we can fix it.


When you need professional help installing a garage door in the Newnan Georgia area, Focus Garage Doors and Services can help! Our team carries all the necessary tools and garage door parts to install the garage door effectively. Since we have installed thousands of garage doors before, we know how to install one the correct way to function the way it should. We ensure your garage doors open and close correctly, the sensors are working perfectly, and you get a warranty for all the products and services. When you get a garage door installed from us, we will provide free servicing if anything goes wrong within the warranty period.

Your garage doors open and close multiple times of the day. You can’t even keep the number of times you might need the garage door to operate. Garage door openers operate in a very simple mechanical manner. They all have a motor that pulls a chain to operate the garage door. There are various types of garage door openers available in the market; these include chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and direct drive. Each type of garage door opener has its own specialty and functionality. Some are known for low noise-making, while others are inexpensive chain openers. Our garage door openers will help you determine the right door for you.

If your garage doors aren’t working the way they should, you should call make sure to call the right garage door opener repair professionals. Openers are the one that closes and opens your garage door; if they are not working right, you may face issues with opening and closing the garage door. The issue could be with the power supply that operated the garage door or the faulty motor of the garage door. Mechanical problems may include blockage in the chain, belt, motor, etc. Our technicians will check what the issue is and solve it subsequently.

If you want to save yourself from expensive repairs and increase the longevity of your garage doors, having regular maintenance done is the best. Oiling with silicone-based lubricant can help smooth the door’s opening and closing. We will see if any of the hardware needs tightening and the door’s balance is right. Imbalance doors will put extra pressure on your door and make the motor and chain wear off quicker.

Springs are the coils on the garage door that helps in lowering and pulling off the heavy door. If you detect issues such as speaking springs, loose cables, broken cables, torsion springs damaged, or any other issue with the garage door spring, give us a call. We repair garage door springs to make them functional again.