• Garage Door Opener Installation Atlanta, GA

    Garage Door Opener Installation Atlanta, GA

    Our team at Focus Garage Door and Services understands the importance of a properly working garage door opener for our clients. Because quality matters, we always provide openers and remotes that are made with the latest technology in quality and security.

Top Rated Garage Door Opener Installation Atlanta, GA.

Years ago, garage door openers were seen as a luxury item, however, now they are seen as a necessary commodity. A garage door opener provides a sense of convenience and security which most of us cannot go without. It allows us to open the door with one touch, without having to leave our vehicle, or lift up a heavy door. We have various types and brands of openers available to us. The most preferred brand by the customers is Liftmaster/Chamberlain. Our company also offers these garage door openers to our clients, as well as garage door opener repair. As there are so many styles and features provided in modern garage door openers, that it can be difficult to select one. Below are some things to contemplate while deciding on a garage door opener in Atlanta, GA.


Garage doors have a variety of drive options like the belt drive, screw drive, chain drive and side mount (jackshaft). The most common is the chain drive openers, which are provided by us. This type of opener is both dependable and heavy-duty, however can be noisy. We mostly recommend Belt drive garage door openers as they are reliable and do not make any noise. However, they might be more expensive, as they come with a lifetime guarantee so our customers don’t have to worry about their door opener again. The screw drive garage door openers are a perfect option for a home in warmer weather, however, we don’t recommend them for houses situated in colder climates. These garage doors have few moving parts and need minimal maintenance. They operate by the process of lifting along a threaded steel rod. They are a little noisy and slower than belt drive garage doors. Lastly, a side mount, or jackshaft, is a recent type of residential garage door opener. It is installed on the same wall as the garage door, so there is no requirement for an overhead track or drive system. The side mount is a heavy residential door that makes almost no sound whatsoever.



Primarily, all garage doors used to work on AC powered motors, but now they work primarily on DC, battery power, as it provides better speed control and various features. The Garage doors that work on DC power are also smaller, lighter and quieter than AC motors. These DC motors need conversion from AC power, but they provide a battery backup system in which the garage door is operable and functional during a power outage. We also have numerous options with the horsepower of the opener. Higher horsepower motors provide the capacity to begin and end the garage door, should there ever be a difficulty with the working of the garage door’s spring system.


When it comes to safeguarding your home, it can never be enough. Garage door openers are contributing to bringing more protection to make your family, house and belongings safe. The latest technology called rolling code is installed which delivers the code to the receiver each time the transmitter is operated but also creates a new code for the next operation. There are more than 100-billion codes available in the system that can never be duplicated. There are many other features encompassing multi-function remote controls that can open the garage door and turn the home’s lights. There is also a wireless, keyless entry system that is accessible and lets you unlock the door with a four-digit code.

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If you want worry-free functioning of your garage door, then you must hire quality, professional installation service providers that you can trust! Focus Garage Doors and Services is here for you whenever you have any issues with your garage door. Our company is the local leader in garage door repair in the Atlanta GA area. We cover all of the surrounding areas of Atlanta. We have a friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff that is ready to be at your service, and will schedule an appointment when it is convenient for you, so we don’t interrupt your life. Our expert technicians will inspect your current garage door opener, and make an accurate suggestion for a new garage door opener system.  The technician will explain what is needed and work with you to make sure you get the best possible service that won’t break the bank.